Designer Wall Lights for Smart homes

In a world continuously becoming smarter,lighting industry is also liable to bring in smart lighting products for different customer needs. We share here some wall lights recently launched by Smartway Lighting that come with Inbuilt LED with smart technology and are a perfect decor solution for walls for Smart Homes. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant these lights can be controlled from anywhere over the Wifi and you can be operated in 3 light color modes.


   A Unique Smart Wall Light with 6 Lamp  Heads



This 6 LED Wall Light is a perfect choice for decorating the bedroom or living room walls.
It  spans over a big area and can be used for highlighting a wall of your choice, the lamp can be installed in different ways to design your wall as per your choice.
Moreover , this beautiful wall lights comes with a 3 color light mode and it  intelligent as well which means it can be operated via alexa or google devices or mobile app or remote control.In simple words , there are bulk of features in this Smart Wall Lamp and it is an ideal choice for the new generation Smart homes.


   A DIY Designer Smart Light for your Walls


This Designer LED Wall Light also spans over a large area on your wall.Another LED Light that can be used for highlighting purpose and to create beautiful DIY designs over walls.

It has another advantage that it can not only be used on sidewalls but on ceiling walls as well.

This wall light also works in 3 light modes -Warm white , Natural White and Cold White to help your create an ambience as per the occasion and mood.

Operate this remotely via your alexa/google device , your mobile app or a remote control.